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proimporter Release 23.6.0

News from proimporter: Release 23.6.0 is now available!

The proimporter Makes Calendars Visible

Importing third-party project plans into Oracle® Primavera P6 often results in contamination by unnecessary data. One example are calendars, which are often configured differently. The proimporter helps you to avoid this!

Quick fixes part 2

As early as July 2019, we reported on the Quick Fix function ( that the proimporter offers. XER and MSP files can contain data elements that can cause various problems when imported into the Oracle® Primavera P6 database.

In our video we show you how to import activity codes on EPS level

Importing EPS activity codes to Oracle® Primavera P6 EPPM can rapidly become complex. With the proimporter you can easily import activity codes on EPS level.

As a project manager, you will certainly also receive sub-project plans from your consortium partners, which you subsequently send to your customers in the form of a consolidated overall schedule. To insert these subproject plans into your project plan - without changing global data - EPS activity codes are typically used as attributes for filtering, grouping and sorting. These have the advantage of being cross-project, but not global. This allows you to build higher-level structures into which subprojects can be arranged without having to create new global activity codes for each new consortium project. Learn in our video from Product Owner Meglen Andreevski how to import activity codes on EPS level.

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Import your resource assignments securely without overwriting your master data

A company usually has a lot of projects. This is often accompanied by many resources. For your project's success, it is essential to use the right resources in the right place. In order to be able to take this into account in cross-project planning, different master data are necessary. This includes working hours, hourly rates, roles, affiliations to departments, locations or departments, or similar. All this information is stored in the resource tree.

Therefore, the resource tree in Oracle® Primavera P6 EPPM is the central component in your project planning. For the planning, tracking, and reporting of capacities and workload it is very important that resources represent the master data and the availability information of the resources is not corrupted. This cannot be guaranteed if the data is imported manually. An error can quickly occur and the master data is overwritten with project-specific characteristics.

With the proimporter you can import resource assignments without importing the resources.

The ingenious mapping of the proimporter transfers assignments to existing resources in the database by default, so that the resource properties in the database are not corrupted. Partner resources can be mapped through generic collection resources so that a partner's work can be mapped in the consolidated project plan without having to import the partner's entire resource tree.

This allows you to import resource assignments without the risk of master data being corrupted by a manual import and keeps your project plan clean.

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