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proimporter Release 23.9.0

News from proimporter: Release 23.9.0 is now available!

We are pleased to announce that a new proimporter release is now available. Version 23.6.0 includes a variety of improvements, new features, and bug fixes to further enhance your experience with our software.

Note: For smooth tool performance, we recommend all customers who are on proimporter version 22.11.0 or below to update to version 23.9.0.

New Features:

Import of Relationship Comments
With the rollout of Oracle® Primavera P6, version 21.12, it is possible to store associated "Relationship Comments" for Relationships. From now on, when importing XER files, Relationship Comments will be imported into P6 target databases in addition to Relationships (Primavera P6 version 21.12 and higher, PPM databases are not supported).

Identification of non-referenced Global Objects
If global objects are found in the import file that are not used by any P6 object from the XER file, a message box listing these objects will appear after the import file is imported. These non-referenced objects are set to the "Ignore" import action by default. This prevents unnecessary data from being transferred to your target database. It is still possible to change the import action to other mapping values.

The following global objects are evaluated:

  • Resources
  • Resource Codes
  • Roles
  • Global Calendars
  • Notebook Topics
  • UDF Types
  • Cost Accounts

MS Project Import

  • Split Tasks:  If split tasks are existing in the MPP file, start and end data for these are imported into P6. In addition, the dates are stored in specific UDFs so that the original dates can be seen even after a schedule has been terminated. The names of the UDFs can be adjusted administratively.
  • Resources: If a resource is assigned to an MSP task, the resource is imported into P6 with the activity type "Resource dependent". If no resource is assigned, the activity type "Task dependent" is set. This way the MSP standard behavior is displayed. This setting can be configured in the User Settings as required.

2023 09 15 MSP resource dependent V001

Logic differences between MS Project - P6
When loading an MSP file into proimporter, a notification window now appears that addresses the basic logic differences between MS Project and P6. The notification window can be switched on and off as required.

2023 09 21 MS Project Logic Differences V001

Extended validation function:

  • Primary and Secondary Constraints:  If a primary constraint is defined for activities, but no related date is available, a quick fix deletes the constraint (exception: As Late as Possible constraint). If a Primary Constraint Date exists, but no related Primary Constraint is identified, a Quickfix will delete the Constraint Date. This avoids inconsistencies in the schedule.
  • Validation of phone numbers:  If invalid characters are detected in phone numbers (e.g., brackets), they are removed by a quick fix.
  • Calendar has no Standard Work Week: Calendars without a standard work week can no longer be imported.
  • Notebook Topic is Unique: Notebook Topics are now validated for uniqueness based on their name. If there are multiple Notebook Topics with the same name in the import file, they cannot be imported and must be manually adjusted.

Bug Fixes
We have made minor fixes to improve your experience with proimporter. Thanks to your valuable feedback, we were able to identify and fix any bugs, ensuring the stability and reliability of our software.

What’s coming next? Stay up to date with our proimporter roadmap for all upcoming features and releases!

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