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Always use the right calendar - with no risk at all

Calendars are particularly important for project planning. Globally administered calendars ensure that company-wide working times are taken into account in project planning. A falsification of global calendars can massively falsify the planning of the affected projects - when it comes to contract milestones, this can lead to high penalties in extreme cases.

People have been using calendars for about 6000 years. Whether it is to predict the ideal time for a good harvest, to find a glorious day for the worship of a God, or to plan their own dates and projects in a coordinated way. Since that time, a calendar has been the backbone of any schedule. However, in the past project planners only had to manage their own ideas of time, today they usually need several calendars for different social, societal or cultural aspects.

Planning purely on project-specific calendars, on the other hand, involves the risk that, for example, company holidays, site-specific public holidays, shift times or similar company-specific features of the available working time are incorrectly planned.

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No matter which calendar you use, when importing calendars from Microsoft Project® into your Oracle® Primavera P6 EPPM database, you have probably noticed that it is important to select the appropriate calendar for each project. If cross-project planning, for example of key resources or time-distributed cash flow, is to be made, global calendars can make a major contribution to data quality.

With the proimporter, you can clearly analyze the properties of the imported calendar and the calendar to be assigned in the database in corresponding detailed views. This makes it possible to select an exactly fitting calendar and to ensure the quality of the scheduling.


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