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The proimporter Makes Calendars Visible

Importing third-party project plans into Oracle® Primavera P6 often results in contamination by unnecessary data. One example are calendars, which are often configured differently. The proimporter helps you to avoid this!

For complex projects, it is inevitable that the project files of your own company, suppliers and subcontractors are merged. However, these large-scale data imports into Oracle® Primavera P6 can be a threat to the target database. If the Oracle® Primavera P6 standard import is used and the XER file to be imported contains different data compared to the target database, inconsistent data will be imported. The data content in the target database increases, resulting in duplications, synonyms and data that is not needed or deviates from the P6 company specifications.
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A good example for this are calendars, which have the same name, but differ in configuration and content from database to database. A standard data import is therefore often problematic, because with Primavera P6 EPPM you cannot view the calendar content in advance. Especially the import of global calendars is a big problem for the database, because they could affect all projects where the calendars are stored and in use. If such a calendar is already assigned to activities or resources, it is already in use without being visible to the scheduler. This can have far-reaching consequences for the schedule. Ultimately, all data must be cleaned and adjusted manually. This costs a lot of time and money.
bild2However, the proimporter from proadvise can solve this problem. The practical tool shows every user which calendar content is contained in the import file before importing data into the P6 database. This allows the responsible user to decide whether a calendar should be imported or excluded from import.
The proimporter displays the following configuration information:
• Time Periods
• Standard Workweek
• Exceptions (Non-Work Days/Holidays)
Furthermore, the proimporter gives the user the possibility to convert global calendars into project calendars. This leaves the global database elements untouched and the existing content P6 configuration cannot be contaminated by deviating naming conventions.