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proimporter Release 24.4.0

Discover the new features of proimporter: Release 24.4.0 now available!

We are pleased to present the new software release for proimporter today. Release 24.4.0 brings a host of new features and improvements that will make your import processes even more efficient.

Note: To ensure the best possible performance of the tool, we recommend that all customers who are still on proimporter version 23.12.0 or older update to version 24.4.0 using proupdater.

New Features:

Extended Calendar Comparison Function
The Calendar Comparison Function has been enhanced to enable the comparison of Calendars of the same type (Global, Project, Resources). Graphical elements are used to display similarities, deviations, and differences. This function is available by clicking on the Calendar symbol in the "Compare" column.


Tooltips for Columns
Some columns and elements of the proimporter offer tooltips that improve user guidance and usability and provide further information if required.


Import Report in new Design
The Import Report has been redesigned. After the import, the Import Report is now available for download as an Excel file. All imported elements and changes made are now clearly documented and the Excel file can be downloaded for each import. Note: To use this function, proimporter must be updated via proupdater version 24.4.0!

Import Report Dialog Window:

2024 04 30 Import Report V001


Import Report in Excel Format:

2024 05 26 Import Report Excel V001


Optional Mapping of Global Calendars with "Use Instead"
From this release, an option is available in the project update that allows Global Calendars to be automatically mapped with existing Project Calendars via “Use Instead” if they have the same name in the P6 target database. When does this take effect? For example, you have created a Global Calendar with “to project scope” as a Project Calendar during the initial project import. This Global Calendar is now in turn contained in an update file. The Global Calendar is automatically mapped to the existing Project Calendar in the P6 target database using the name. This prevents project calendars with the same configuration from being created more than once (e.g. when updating a project). This setting is activated by default and can be switched on and off in the options menu if required.

2024 04 30 Option Settings Global Calendar V001


Webservice Deployments
When connecting via Webservices, all configured databases can now be loaded under a Webservice Deployment.

Further Enhancements:

Changed Data Date for MS Project imports
The calculation of the Data Date when importing MPP files has been optimized to improve the correct transfer of dates.

proimporter Log Files
The proimporter log files are now created for each daily session and are time and date-stamped to facilitate error handling.

proimporter User Manual
importer User Manual has been updated and extended to include further explanations of the proimporter GUI.

proupdater Version 24.4.0
When updating via proupdater, configuration data in the installation directory is now also updated to enable the use of the new import report in Excel format. To be able to use this function, proimporter must be updated via proupdater version 24.4.0.

Bug fixes:

  • Update function: Changes for role and resource rates with effective dates are now updated correctly.
  • Login via Integration-API to P6 R23: the login that was not possible due to changes in the connection method by Oracle® has been fixed.
  • Option „Put a constraint by manually scheduled task” is no longer available for WBS Summary Tasks: The implementation of a constraint type for manually calculated tasks has been optimized so that no constraint is set for manually calculated Summary Tasks anymore.

We made these improvements and bug fixes thanks to your feedback to ensure the stability and reliability of proimporter.

Benefit from all new functions and improvements and update to proimporter version 24.4.0 now!

What’s next? Stay up to date on all planned features and releases with our proimporter roadmap!

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